Folding Chair Parts, Foot caps, Saddle & Stability Plugs, Chair Glides, Table Parts, and Step Stool Parts.
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Folding Chair Foot Caps Folding Chair Parts Folding Table Foot Caps Folding Table Parts Samsonite Stacking Chair Foot Glide Stacking Chair Parts

About Us

Black Poly Chair Parts is your number one source for Folding & Stacking related products. We have foot caps for folding chairs, stacking chairs, folding tables, and various generic parts for all of the above. We are available during central business days/hours to assist your purchase and answer any questions. Most products ship same day to three days with few exceptions.


Folding Chair Foot Caps 3/4

Folding Chair Parts

$52.00/100 qty Free Shipping

Folding Table Standard Foot Cap

Folding Table Parts

$69.00/100 qty Free Shipping

Samsonite Stacking Chair Foot Glide

Stacking Chair Parts

$75.00/100 qty Free Shipping

Folding Chair Stability Plugs

Broken Box Specials

$1.00 each Piece

Plastic Chair Skin Pads

Plastic Chair Skinpads

$8.00 Each Chair

Step Ladder Parts

Step Ladder Parts

$5.00 Each Piece

Chair Ganging Clamps

Chair Ganging

$52-57/100 qty Free Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what I need?

By studying our images (chairs and tables) along with product images and dimensions, this is easily determined.

How are they packed?

Generally, in lots of 100 QTY each. We do have some "broken box" special options listed in the products section. This products are "while supplies last".

How do you ship?

Generally UPS Ground.

Can you expedite?

Yes, for additional fees.

How much is shipping?

Often free of charge with few exceptions.

Can we get samples?

Yes, we suggest that you speak to one of our representatives as we may be able to eliminate that need.

What finish or colors do they come in?

The options available are generally shown in the products section of this website.


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